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Dark Horses

by Billy Goodman

Released 2005
Released 2005
"The Hooters light the fuse and expatriate American songwriter Billy Goodman explodes in his new release, "Dark Horses."
A collision of talents took place in Philadelphia recently when solo artist Billy Goodman fused his singer songwriter prowess with the production and rhythm section power of the hitmaker group The Hooters.

Goodman, a touring resident of Germany for the last decade, reunited with his old friends The Hooters during their recent tour of that country; a stronghold of loyal fans for both artists. It was during a string of Hooters shows in Germany, in which Goodman was the opening act, that drummer Dave Uosikkinen began to join him on stage. Keyboardist Rob Hyman, noticing the intense chemistry between Goodman and Uosikkinen during the live show, approached them about recording an album at his brand new Elm Street Studios in Philadelphia when the tour was over.

Produced by Hyman (known for his numerous hits including "Time After Time"), the album also features his distinctive keyboard playing throughout. Associate producer Uosikkinen (who has played with everyone from Patti Smyth to Alice Cooper) was a key player, not only in the rhythm section, but also in the development of the album as a whole. Hooters bandmates Eric Bazilian (also a notorious tunesmith, including the Grammy award nominated "One of Us") and John Lilley added textured guitars. Fran Smith Jr. laid down his typically inspired foundation on bass. Billy's brother Frank added background vocals for the co-written title track.

But what Dark Horses is really about comes down to Goodman and his soulful vocals and gut-wrenching guitar playing. The listener is taken on a journey deep into Americana Blues with influences of Dylan, Waits and Young, featuring several solo numbers executed with flawless precision, including a visceral rendition of the Lowell George classic "Willin" and a bone chilling version of Blind Willie Johnson's "Dark is the Night."

The Hooters enlightened musicality brings out the many flavors in Goodman's extensive catalog, from the Norah Jones-like "Love is the Test" to the grit of "Hellride" and the ardor of "Over and Over Again". Dark Horses is an American treasure, a testament of musical chemistry. The gold here does not glitter, but it shines, brightly.

"The Hooters light the fuse and expatriate American songwriter Billy Goodman explodes in his new release,
"Dark Horses."

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