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Soul of a Man

by Billy Goodman

Released 2018
Released 2018
From the heart of Berlin, Germany, come ten newly recorded gems from this unique American artist.
Billy Goodman: Guitar, Vocals
Thomm Jutz: Guitars
John Gardner: Drums
Scotty Sanders: Pedal Steel Guitar

Produced by Thomm Jutz at TJ Tunes in Nashville, TN.
Recorded in Berlin, Germany and Nashville, TN.

Cover photo and Graphic Design by Christian Hahn

TROUBADOUR (Billy, Frank Goodman) 3:24
FLYING (Billy Goodman, Alex Hutner) 4:42
SLYCOON (Billy, Jon Goodman) 5:32
BACK BEFORE YOU WERE BESS (Billy, Frank Goodman) 3:49
SILVER RAPIER (Billy Goodman) 4:50
SOUL OF A MAN (Blind Willie Johnson) 3:53
BACK TO THE VALLEY (Billy, Frank Goodman) 3:40
PART OF YOU (Billy Goodman) 5:00
09. FIGHT WHERE YOU STAND (Billy Goodman) 3:35
10. SOUL OF A MAN (REPRISE) (Blind Willie Johnson) 4:10

All rights reserved 2018 c Billy Goodman

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