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Billy Goodman: NEWS

April 17, 2015

I'm Heading down to the Black Forest today to play a concert near Freiburg. It's a good day for a road trip.

March 20, 2015

Springtime in Berlin. Beautiful. It's great to be back. I'm looking forward to returning to Dodo and play for Rolf and Harald this Sunday night, March, 22nd. Chris Deschner will come and play some fine electric guitar alongside me so I hope to see you there.

Dodo (7:30 pm)
Gro├čbeerenstra├če 32,
10965 Berlin

February 27, 2015

Flew back in to Miami yesterday. I spent three weeks in Los Angeles with some good friends. Great trip. Spending quality time wth my brother Jon now and then back to greasy Berlin on the 17th.

February 11, 2015

I've been in Los Angeles for the last week visiting some old and new friends. I'm attending some wonderful seminars and perusing all the vintage guitar shops. The weather is absolutely perfect. I was at the Atlantic Ocean today in Santa Monica and I was hard pressed to believe my eyes.

January 7, 2015

Living is easy in Miami town. My little brother and I flew to Las Vegas last week and we had a wonderful family reunion. It was great to see everybody. My friend D.J. Tomekk will be flying in from Berlin on Sunday to spend a few days with us. It's been a great start to the new year.

December 23, 2014

I've been in Miami two weeks now. The weather has been fabulous and I'm enjoying catching up on all things American. My brother Jon arranged a family reunion in Las Vegas on December 27th. That will be very exciting. I can't wait to see the kids.
I wish everyone a blessed holiday !

November 29, 2014

I had a wonderful time playing to a great crowd at Art Gerecht in Berlin last night. Now, like a traitorous coward, I am fleeing the cold eastern winds and heading for sunny Miami. As Bugs Bunny likes to say, Ain't I a stinker".

October 22, 2014

I'm heading out Friday for a road trip to the city of Celle where I will see some old friends and play a new venue.

Friday, October 24th (8pm)
Fabrik Lounge Aimely
Torplatz 2
29223 Celle
For More Info: 05141 9802 652

October 18, 2014

I'm looking forward to playing a wonderful listening room tomorrow night in Pankow. It's called Zimmer 16. The club was designed with loving care to present singer/songwriters in the best light possible with a great sound system.
Sunday, October 19th (8pm)
Zimmer 16
Florastrasse 16,
13187 Berlin
For More Info: 030 4809 6800

October 18, 2014

My new album "Double Edged Sword" is now available at CD Baby, Itunes and all your favorite music download sites ..

Here's a link to stream it for free on you tube ..

September 10, 2014

My brother Jon is back in Berlin. He visits me here every summer. He came to my show in Kreuzberg last week. It's always great to see him. We have a lot of fun together.

August 31, 2014

I just returned from a beautiful week in Southern France. Nice, Eze and Monaco. Wow.

August 11, 2014

We had three days of music and sunshine at the Playing In The Band Festival last weekend. Thanks Gerd Baumann and Beatte for inviting me to play at this event. I really enjoyed it.

August 4, 2014

Opening for Moe in Dortmund was good fun. The show took place in an old cabaret theatre from the turn of the century. The vibes were deep and both the headliner and promoter were most gracious. Our last show in Germany this year was a sold out performance at Berlin Guitars. This was a very special evening. We had people from Rome, Munich, London and Los Angeles in attendance. Steve Kimock and myself gave it all we had and I hope to get some video footage posted soon on You Tube.
Steve will fly home tomorrow and continue his summer tour with Bob Weir and Ratdog.

July 28, 2014

Steve Kimock and I closed the guesthouse in Immeldorf, Bavaria after playing four hours with a short break in between. We then moved on to a festival in Switzerland where the rain didn't stop us from doing it all over again. We had to reluctantly leave the stage to let another band set up and we slogged through the mud to get ready for our show in Dortmund tomorrow.

July 22, 2014

Steve Kimock arrived last week in Berlin a bit jet-lagged but in good spirits. We hung out in Berlin a few days and then moved on to Bavaria for our first concert. Before we left Berlin though, Steve had a huge surprise for me. He showed up at my door one afternoon with Bob Weir in tow. Now all the deadheads know that Bobby was the great counterpart to Jerry Garcia in the Grateful Dead. Steve and I played some music for Bob and I played some solo slide guitar too. Much to my amazement, Bob stood up and offered me a huge hug and invited me to California to play some music with him and Steve. Needless to say, it's been an exciting week filled with good vibes and heartfelt music.

July 9, 2014

My new album, Double Edged Sword, is finished. My good friend, Thomm Jutz, in Nashville did a fantastic job of playing second guitar, singing and mixing. Mark Fain played acoustic bass and Lynn Williams played drums. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Lanark Records in the U.S.A. contacted me after hearing it and offered to release it on their label. That's good news for me.

May 6, 2014

I finished recording all the tracks for my new album and sent them to my good friend Thomm Jutz in Nashville. Thomm will add some guitar and find the right guys to play bass and drums. I'm looking forward to hearing what he comes up with.

April 17, 2014

I've been taking advantage of the time off in April and recording every day. Trying to record an official release is a real roller coaster ride. One day you're so happy with what you've recorded, the next day you're ready to throw all the files in the trash. I've done this enough times now that I know not to empty the trash.

March 31, 2014

I had a great weekend that included a guest appearance with American singer-sonwriter David Munyon Saturday night in Wilmersdorf and playing a sold out show in Kreuzberg on Sunday night. Special thanks to all the people who came out and listened. Live music and enthusiastic audiences are alive and well in Berlin.

March 23, 2014

It was a special evening playing two sets at Art Gerecht last Friday night. It's a very cool listening room with wonderful hosts. I'm looking forward to my gig next Sunday at Dodo in Kreuzberg.

March 6, 2014

Another grueling transatlantic flight but I'm back home safe and sound in Berlin. I didn't get a wink of sleep on the plane and deliberately stayed on my feet the whole next day (and night) in order to get into the rhythm of the different time zone.
That was brutal but I feel great today after ten hours sleep. No jetlag whatsoever.

February 17, 2014

It's the vacation that won't stop ! It's been 75 degrees with clear blue skies and there seems to be no end in sight for this fantastic weather ! It's a good thing I'm going back to Berlin in two weeks. I've been practicing guitar overtime to keep my callouses from turning to oatmeal.

January 30, 2014

The days go by quickly here in Miami. We've had some cool days where you have to don a hoodie but mostly I'm clad in a t-shirt and flip flops for shoes. Today I'm hanging out with my brother Jon. I'm playing his Taylor acoustic guitar, finishing the lyrics of a new song and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

January 4, 2014

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